Automation Advice

Automation Advice

Smart systems are now an integral part of any building, all electrical components from TVs to lights are now capable of working together to deliver a more optimized and energy efficient solutions. This page outlines ideals by experts and examples of automation solutions implemented in existing sites.

Expert's Advice

Below are two articles that are worth reading from real estate experts:

Examples of Home Automation

1) Lighting control includes conventional wall switch control, APP control, voice control, scheduling, and automation of lights using existing security motion sensors. Automated your external lights to turn on based on the light level outside. Or make your lights flash on/off if the security alarm is activated.
2) Automatic and remote switching of power for any electrical system and monitoring power usage.
3) Smart door locks and gate control, open the gate automatically when you are 300m within your home. Give other access to your home by opening the gates remotely, disarming and unlocking the front door remotely.
4) Save power by getting the system to turn off everything (Lights, wall sockets, TVs etc) when there is no one at home (3-factor detection)
5) Control your heating and air conditioning based the temperature inside/outside, time of the day, your phone geographical location or manually
6) View CCTV images relevant to the area you are controlling. We’re able to embed live images into the APP you use to control your home
7) Automate the arming and disarming of different areas in the home, based automation activities.
8) Irrigate your garden by scheduling water supply or remotely controlling the water valves

Examples of Audiovisual Control

1) Setup and control of multiple audio and video zones
2) Centralized cabinet of all audio and video sources and the distribution of any source to any location in the home
3) In-ceiling or free-standing speaker systems with completely hidden cabling
4) TV installation with no wires visible
5) Control of all TVs, sound systems, sources and AV equipment from a single APP (can be the same APP that controls all the above hardware equipment like lights)
6) Control your video and audio sources from a single APP, switch any source of video/audio to any TV/speakers

Bring audio visual and equipment control together

1) Use a single app to control all the lights, electricals, heat pumps, TV, amplifiers, DVD player and so on
2) Setup scene switches that activates a list of commands, for example a “Movie Scene” can turn off the main lights, turn on the TV backlight, turn on ambient lights, turn on the TV, turn on the audio amplifier, switch the TV/AMP to the right input and start the video source so you are ready to watch
3) Pause the movie if someone arrives outside the house if required

If you can dream it, we can make it happen

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