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Wulian Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint Reader

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High-security entry system

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Combining the ultimate styling, security, and the ability to control your lock while out.

  • High-security design
  • High sensitivity¬†keypad
  • Easy wireless installation
  • Four entry¬†methods
    • Secret code
    • Access cards
    • Fingerprints
    • Smartphone
  • Energy saving design
  • stainless steel AN2 lock bolt
  • ZigBee communication device



Communication Mode: IEEE 802.15.4 (ZIGBEE/SMARTHOME)

Power: 8 AA batteries or DC 6V adapter

Standby current: <0.5mA

Emergency power supply: 9V Laminated cell

Unlocking method: Passcode, Card, Fingerprint, APP

Maximum number of cards: 99

Password Capacity: One Set

Operating temperature and humidity: -10 to +40, <85%RH

Dimensions: 430*265*125mm