Q: What is a smart home

A: This video from explains it well

Q: What is the difference between a smart home system  and a home automation system

A: In general terms, a smart home system is one that is easier to install, more cost-effective, and the owner can program and add components to it on his own. on the other hand, a home automation system tends to have more features, includes more complex audio video management and cost more.


Q: What is a scene?

A: In automation, a scene is referred to a selection of preconfigured settings. for example, you can configure a scene called “watch movies” and program it to automatically close the windows, close the curtains, dim the lights, turn on the TV and DVD player and so on. from that point onward every time the scene “watch movies” is activated, all the above settings are carried out by the system automatically.


Q:  How much does an automation system cost?

A: the two main factors are the size of the house and the amount of functionality desired. A basic system that can control some lights, a heat pump, entertainment system and provide basic environmental monitoring can be under $1000. on the other hand, if you need cameras, curtain controls, door locks or security it’s likely to cost more. We can provide an obligation free quote and try and work out the best solution for your budget. In addition, IoT systems can be expanded over the years, many components can be installed by the homeowner and don’t need a technician visit.


Q: How hard is it to add components to the system?

A: items like light bulbs can be directly replaced with standard light bulbs, no special skills required. most sensors are similar to a smoke detector to install. other items like door locks or window/curtain openers may need a technician to install. Electrical fixtures need a certified electrical engineer to install. Once an item is added to the system it will need to be configured within the system gateway (can be done through the APP). Please call us for more information.


Q: How secure is the system?

ZigBee technology is based on IEEE standards. just like modern Wifi protocols the communication is encrypted and secured. in addition, when installed correctly, your home router/firewall can provide an additional layer of protection from external threats.


Q: Can I install this system on my own?

A:  For Zigbee based systems generally we prefer to install the base system and let you add components once its up and running. you would need to be technologically savvy to customise the system. However,  if you have an IT background and you can program routers then you may be able to install the gateway yourself. you will still need a professional to install electrical fittings.