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Aeotec WallSwipe Touch Panel

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This touch panel is plugged into the Nano Dimmer to offer manual control of its output. it enables the user to use a single touch to set the output at a specific level or slide their finger up and down to adjust dimming level. Its compatible with Aeotec’s Nano range of Z-Wave controllers, including Nano Dimmer, Touch Panel offers unparalleled control of your home’s lights and Z-Wave devices through the power of touch and multitouch.

Dimming control.

z-wave dimmer switch

Curtain control.

z-wave curtain control

Fan control.
z-wave fan controller
Scene control.z-wave scene control
Please note you need the Aeotec Dimmer for this item to work. In addition, the plastic frame is not supplied with the item. We can supply a generic frame at an additional cost, however it may need some adaption to fit


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