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Aeotec Z-Wave Recessed Door Reed Sensor

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At less than 0.4” in width some might call it small and compact. We prefer to call it invisible. It’s the Z-Wave door sensor that’s been designed as the door sensor should have always been. Powerful but invisible. Recessed Door Sensor is a clever piece of technology that installs simply within your door’s frame. It’s as beautiful as the rest of your home. You never see it; you just feel its benefits.

Invisible intelligence.

The beauty of an invisible installation is complemented by the beauty of a simple installation.

Installing Recessed Door Sensor is easy. Adding it to your home’s network takes no more than activating its battery and syncing it with your Z-Wave network. Making the whole thing invisible means little more than a drill hole hidden away on the top of your door. It’s the sort of installation that takes no more than 10 minutes but provides years’ worth of benefits.


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