Home Security Solutions

Our security solution is designed for your protection and peace of mind. Our solutions include:

  • Burglar alarms to monitor your home when you are out or when you are sleeping
  • Surveillance solutions
  • Access and access control solutions
  • Remote monitoring of your home
  • Integration of your security with other systems in your home to produce a more effective solution
  • Going overseas? Remote control of your lights and TV remotely (or on a schedule) to simulate people¬†presence when you are away
  • Herd a noise at night? with a push of a button to turn on controlled lights and view your home camera
  • Alarm activated while you’re away? Turn on the lights, view the cameras, listen in or talk to the person through the cameras or the intercom system
  • Have a safe or a gun safe? We can enable 247 monitoring and notification of any event


We can also provide you with a security portfolio of our security registered staff to help you make an informed decision about who you are hiring to do your security.

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