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Aeotec Wallmote Two Touch Control Switch

$94.88 Inc. GST

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Wallmote is a sleek battery-powered switch that can be attached to walls and tables. it offers programmable control of your system with a press of a button. the Wallmote switches can be programmed to turn on/off a light, activate a scene, turn off every controllable light in the house, start the irrigation system or anything else you that the automation system is able to control. you can also program the system to respond to different presses like a long/short press or finger slide from one button to another.

key features:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • long-range Z wave communication
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Secure wireless communication with a banking grade AES-128 bit encoding
  • Mounting plate with Adhesive back
  • Glass touch




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